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How to communicate with your tenants

Do you offer online portals at your properties? Using online portals to manage tenant and owner services and communications has big benefits for property managers. They can save your time and help you stay competitive in your market.

Increase transparency- Online portals allow tenants and owners to log in and securely view information that’s important to them.

Reduce the number of incoming calls you handle- With easy mobile access to see account details and do more online, tenants and owners won’t have to call the office as much.

 Keep things professional- because your tenants are making payments directly to you, your tenants are essentially your customers. It is extremely important that you as a landlord provide high-quality customer service to your tenants in the same way that you would if you owned a business and wanted to maintain good relationships with your customers. The way that you show value, respect and honor to your tenants are going to be key in how they will show value, respect, and honor to you as a landlord.

Be flexible- all of your tenants will have different schedules, different lifestyles, and different forms of communication. This requires flexibility.

Follow through on your end of the relationship- how you respond to the cares and concerns that your tenants bring to you in regards to your rental homes or apartments is important in maintaining good, effective relationships with them. If your tenants feel like it is an inconvenience to you to put effort into taking care of something that is essentially your responsibility, they could not only lose respect for you as a landlord, but they could lower their standard of care and concern for the rental home or apartment. Your tenants will mirror the standards that you set as a landlord in value, communication, professionalism, availability, flexibility, and commitment.

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