Do you know the Need of Millenial Tenants?

  • Millennials value digital connectivity above all else. They are immersed in social media and anything to do with online engagement. Though traditional marketing efforts such as signage and snail mail are important to your labors, they should take a backseat to your digital marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to social marketing. Approximately 74 percent of adults are on social media, according to a recent report, and Millennial renters have the highest engagement with these networks than any others. Of men and women, aged 18 to 29, 89 percent of them are on social media, the highest percentage of any age group. These numbers strongly indicate the importance of making social media the preferred method of connecting with your rental audience. Be open to "negativity"- Although social media allows you to "fill the gap" with tenants between the everyday interactions and queries, one of the main draws for tenants for social media is the ability ( or hope) to get a rapid response to a complaint. Rather than anticipate these queries with apprehension or gritted teeth, dealing with queries competently and professionally and deftly moving the conversation to a better (and more private) channel is the procedure to establish with staff. Being open to the complaints and criticism on a social platform shows that you really want to improve your service. This shows your dedication as a landlord to your tenants.

    Here at, we provide you with a safe and personalized social platform to get in touch with your tenants whenever they need it.