Take Time to Communicate Thoughtfully

  • Networking/Relationship Building

    As the community name suggests, participating in social networking via https://www.thetenantsnet.co.uk/ will provide enhanced relationship-building opportunities. Keeping in touch with your residents and employees through social media will allow you to interact safely, efficiently, and productively.
    It’s a great way to introduce your management team to residents, feature on-site events, updates on activities or upcoming work in the area. You’ll want to encourage people to follow you. Consider a giveaway or small incentive for “follows” – offer a rental discount off the first month or a month of free parking. Incentives for submitting a rental application online or providing a referral will generate activity and keep conversations going.
    Market Trends

    While you may think you know what renters are looking for in an apartment, condo, or home, but following social media posts will help you be sure. You can take the time to read what people are saying, come right out and ask what people need.