Generate More Leads

  • The ways that tenants and letting agents communicate with each other are both plentiful and pretty fluid, with new ways to get in touch cropping up all the time. From portals used with letting agency software to emails and traditional phone calls, there are many ways for the two parties to speak to each other about issues that can arise in any tenancy. 

    In the age of the internet, though, is social media set to become the future of interactions? Social networking has, in recent years, become more important ways for brands and customers to get in touch, with benefits on both sides of the divide. 

    And with more than three-quarters of Brits (76 percent) now making use of social media sites on a regular basis, it's clear that there's an audience there to make the most of such networks as methods of communication. 

    According to a national survey, 71% of their users are active on social media. And while many still consult traditional resources for finding a place to live, their search almost always begins online. Social networking websites are used to find community information and recommendations, photos, and videos of available apartments, search listings, special incentives, and offers, and sharing apartment information with friends for feedback.